Comic Delays - Computer Problems and Family Stuff by KLSeunnapha
July 25th, 2016, 3:59 pm
Very sorry for the large batch update today. I have been having very odd computer problems. Several programs I have will not open, one of the programs in question being Clip Studio Paint, the program I use to draw my comics in.

A friend managed to set up a work around for now (but NOT fix the problem) but the work around also comes will a few other additional problems, with a lot of the tools I need to complete a comic page not working, but basic tools working, and me not having my sign up data for any of the sites I upload to, so I've pretty much just been uploading on Tapastic alone, having me do a batch upload when I'm able to get back to my computer (that will not run my program) I'll try to keep that from happening again, it's just a lot of jumping through hoops and extra steps that I don't always have time for.

In addition to computer problems, I also had a lot of family stuff going on that I have to attend to last week (giving me not a whole lot of work time), and possibly will have to attend to this week, which will actually take me out of the city for the week, so I will not be able to draw at all.

I'm very sorry for the trouble.

Edit: The friend who did the work around was able to get the tools that were missing showing up again after some more work, I still need to check through it to make sure I have everything but from glancing over the lists it looks like most of what I need is there