2nd Anniversary by KLSeunnapha
June 20th, 2016, 1:43 pm
This week on June 23 'No Future' will be celebrating it's second anniversary. To celebrate I'll be releasing double updates for this week for you to enjoy. I'll also be trying to do more live streaming this week to celebrate (maybe even with mic on if my noisy house cooperates), so be sure to drop by to see if it's up if you get the chance. You can chat and keep me company while I work, ask questions or just drop in an say hi, all is appreciated. https://picarto.tv/kura

As always I appreciate the reader response I have gotten from this series, I'm still find myself surprised with how far I've managed to get in the story as well as how much you all enjoy it, which I can see with the series slow yet steady growth.

Reading through the comments section is a lot of fun and I enjoy looking forward to what everyone has to say. Thanks for sticking with me thus far and putting up with me when I have downtime. I hope we can continue to enjoy the series together.