No Future Chapter 1 Clean Up by KLSeunnapha
April 8th, 2015, 6:51 pm
Going to be making a few fixes to the first chapter of No Future. As when I first started working on the comic the character designs were very very old and a little hard to work with.

Though I cleaned up the script (This story was made when I was Andrew's age) the character designs (especially in concerns to Era) changed from page to page because I was working off about 3 different concept designs that I made back when I was a kid, and since I didn't think the series would really take off and it would be just a personal project to practice drawing faster that no one would read, I never bothered to go back to change the errors in those drawings.

Also Era was originally supposed to have long hair similar to his brother, but for whatever reason I completely overlooked that detail (even though it was in ALL of the old concept art) and didn't realized until halfway through chapter 3 that he was supposed to have a ponytail. I decided that I liked him better without it though, so I kept his hair as is.